History of the club

The BCAHCC was formed in 1952, we are the second oldest sportsman club in the state of Florida.

 We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization  that is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Everglades, and the historical way of life we refer to as being a “Gladesmen”.  

 Appointed members attend South Florida Water Management District, Everglades Coordination Council, and Big Cypress National Preserve meetings. We keep the general membership informed on how we may best promote and protect our Everglades. Many members are on call and participate in assisting the Florida Game and Fish Commission in rescue alert programs in the event of an airplane crash or other disaster in the Everglades.  

Also as co-founders and supporters of the Everglades Coordination Council (ECC) and founding members of the Florida Airboat Association (FAA),

  we promote recreational airboat runs in various conservation areas. The club organizes family-oriented picnics, clean-up projects, bass fishing tournaments and poker runs to raise funds and keep people interested in the outdoors.   We also continue to sponsor statewide meetings to combat misguided attempts to close Big Cypress Reserve, to ORV’s and unnecessarily prohibiting hunting in the South Florida Peninsula. 

  The Broward County Airboat, Halftrack and Conservation Club has been involved in the Melaleuca Eradication Project, Kissimmee River Restoration Project, Everglades Coalition, Big Cypress National Preserve ORV Management Plant and several other projects throughout the history of the club. We have held toy drives over the years and contributed time and money to daycare centers and needy children all over South Florida. 

Youth is a big part of our mission


Preserving the everglades is our primary goal and we do this largely through the investment of our youth. The BCAHCC participates in multiple events including the sponsoring of several youth to attend a week of camp at the FWC’s Everglades Youth Conservation Camp at the J.W. Corbett Management Area facility. Here kids spend the entire week hiking through the swamp, fishing, boating, and learning archery skills, marine biology and much more. They sleep there for the week and come home enthusiastic about their new love for the everglades and Florida’s awesome backyard. Without the club’s contribution, most of these kids wouldn’t be able to attend and most probably wouldn’t even know about EYCC and the life-impacting camper experience.

Another youth activity that BCAHCC not only sponsors but hosts is the Youth Hunting Program of Florida. This program, in conjunction with the FWC & landowners such as SFWMD, offers ANY child ages 12 to 17 and their parent a weekend of safe and ethical, guided deer, hog, duck, alligator, & turkey youth hunting experience. Youth are taught to respect the outdoors and the species they seek and it is all done in a controlled safe environment. Most of the youth we guide have never hunted and are not from a hunting family. We also sponsor women to attend FWC’s Becoming and Outdoors Woman retreats every year where they fellowship together and learn more about Florida’s great outdoors.